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Fraser Valley Metis Association Acquires Bigfoot Moccasin – February 26, 2024

The Fraser Valley Métis Association (FVMA) is elated to share a significant achievement:

the official acquisition of Bigfoot Moccasin. This monumental step forward underscores our unwavering commitment to honoring and cherishing Indigenous heritage while embracing growth and cooperation. But the excitement doesn’t stop there—there’s more cause for celebration!

In tandem with this momentous acquisition, we are thrilled to unveil upcoming fundraising endeavors through Bigfoot Moccasin. Each purchase made will not only support our Indigenous youth, local artisans, and craftsmen but will also directly bolster the prosperity and sustainability of our community.

Here’s why this partnership is such a game-changer:

Cultural Empowerment: Through taking ownership of Bigfoot Moccasin, we are not merely preserving traditional craftsmanship; we are empowering our community members to showcase their talents on a broader platform, amplifying Indigenous voices and creativity.

Economic Reconciliation: This acquisition will inject a fresh wave of economic vitality into our community, opening doors to new growth opportunities, supporting local organizations, and fostering prosperity throughout the Fraser Valley.

Community Collaboration: With Bigfoot Moccasin as our newest venture, we are paving the way for exciting collaborations with local artists, designers, and entrepreneurs. Together, we will enrich our cultural landscape and promote meaningful cross-cultural exchange.

Inspiration and Progress: We are not just acquiring a business; we are investing in the future. With our vision and resources, Bigfoot Moccasin will continue to evolve and innovate, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Let’s celebrate this milestone and embrace the limitless potential ahead for the FVMA and Bigfoot Moccasin!

Stay tuned for more details on what Bigfoot Moccasin will offer and when.


Feb 26 - 29 2024


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Abbotsford, BC
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