Community Associations provide a shared sense of citizenship and inclusion, enriching the quality of life and well being of their communities.

FVMA provides opportunities to connect and engage with the community.



Associate memberships are temporarily on hold until further notice.

How to register for FVMA citizenship

Step 1

If you do not have an MNBC Citizen Card number (#) Click here to be directly linked to MNBC’s Citizen Card application:

What happens next?

Once MNBC Central Registry has verified and validated the information they will contact FVMA directly via email to see that you are accepted by FVMA as your local community. 

FVMA will then verify your information and reply to MNBC as the last step in acceptance as a registered MNBC Métis Citizen. 

Once you receive or you already have your MNBC Citizenship Card # continue to Step 2

Step 2
Fill out the Application form below to request a FVMA Membership Application to be mailed out to you.
Step 3
Once FVMA has received your application, a FVMA Citizenship Card will be issued and you will be notified via email and/or telephone.
Application Form